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Online streaming of games is the in thing right now. The latest generation of consoles come with the capability to not only share screenshots and videos, but stream your game live to Twitch TV, the popular hub for gaming related videos. These days, PC graphics cards mostly come with software to let you stream or record your gaming sessions, and there’s also the Steam Broadcasting that lets friends drop in on your game. Sure, there’s plenty of video game clips on YouTube, but they’re all prerecorded and even with superstars like Pew Die Pie putting out content, twitch draws huge crowds to their live streaming users. Enter YouTube Gaming.

This summer, we’ll launch YouTube Gaming, a brand new app and website to keep you connected to the games, players, and culture that matter to you, with videos, live streams, and the biggest community of gamers on the web—all in one place.

How will YouTube Gaming be different from what Google already offers on the video sharing site? Firstly, there will be 25,00 games that will have their own dedicated sections, making it easier to find stuff about your favourite titles. Since it’s a dedicated gaming website and apps, searches will be more fruitful, since you don’t have to wade through endless hits of irrelevant content. There’s also a focus on providing streaming content, with YouTube Gaming able to give you 60 frames per second video, and a new system that does away with the need to schedule your live streams, meaning spontaneity is now an option!

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My Take

Twitch has spent a long time with very little competition in the now-lucrative live streaming marketplace, but since Amazon paid top dollar for the streaming site, Google have clearly taken notice and built their own take on it. I’d expect some really good mobile apps to come out of this, and strong integration with your existing YouTube and Google accounts should make it a breeze. What remains to be seen is if there’s any chance we’ll see integration into the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sharing, which could pretty much make-or-break the new site. This all goes to show just how important Let’s Plays and video game streaming have become to gamers and companies. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch announcement.

Expect the new YouTube Gaming website and apps for iOS and Android sometime in summer 2015.

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