Yorkshire heroes: VISR VR headset

Last year was the year virtual reality finally hit the mainstream zeitgeist. With the Oculus Rift VR headset reaching its second iteration (the DK2), Samsung bringing out the Gear VR, and Sony’s Project Morpheus just around the corner, not to mention Google’s cheap option Google Cardboard, we’re spoilt for choice!

visr kitBut more choice is always better for none, in the consumer world, so as the technology behind VR matures, more and more companies will be coming up with innovative takes on headsets. Enter Hull-based Louis Deane’s Kickstarter project, VISR, a Google Cardboard style VR set up that’s both affordable and durable:

Unlike headsets based on the Google cardboard, VISR is made from low cost laminated corrugate with high durability that is powered by your smartphone. We think this is the best way to sink your teeth into VR without spending a fortune.

The Kickstarter campaign is well thought out, with plenty of information but not too many overly-ambitious goals. They’re asking for £25,000, and, with 18 days left, still have a way to go before reaching that. So help out!


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