War Child charity campaign subverts Call of Duty

UK charity War Child has a clever and dark awareness campaign running that pulls the whole cliche Call of Duty look and feel that we all recognises and twists it round to the perspective of the innocent civilians affected by war. It’s not the first time someone has attempted to tell the story of a conflict from the perspective of the people stuck in the middle. Late last year, indie survival game This War of Mine came out on Steam, putting you in the shoes of a survivor in a war-torn country trying to make it day to day, with plenty of critical acclaim.

The hard-hitting ‘Duty of Care’ video is at the forefront of War Child UK’s HELP campaign. It subverts first person shooting games by showing the horror of war through the eyes of Nima, a nine-year-old girl.

The creative team behind the video were Heydon Prowse from BBC3’s The Revolution Will Be Televised, Creative Directors Guy Davidson and Daniel Clarke from London-based agency TOAD, Director Daniel Luchessi and the post production team at H&O and OgilvyOne.

The purpose of the campaign video is to engage people to sign the petition which calls on the UK Government to become champions for children in war, such as those Nima represents in the video.

Providing protection can reduce and prevent atrocities against children. Yet a shocking new statistic released by War Child UK reveals that less than 3% of humanitarian funding is spent on protecting children in war zones, despite them making up more than 50% of the population.


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