PS4 game Secret Ponchos headed to PC


Owning All three consoles and a PC is definitely a luxury few of us are able to experience. For those that can’t, we all end up envying at least one game on the other platforms. Perhaps it’s Halo on Xbox, The Last of Us on PlayStation, or perhaps Mario Kart over with Nintendo? Often, exclusivity is something that the console makers aggressively covet, in hopes of luring gamers over to their side. Sometimes, though, there’s an exclusivity period, after which everyone takes a deep breath and relaxes, so they can ‘see other people’.

Secret Ponchos is one such game. It came out for the PlayStation 4 late last year, after being teased since 2013 at various gaming expos for a few months. An action-orientated MOBA-style top-down shooter, the game’s frantic gunplay and cartoon style show off their influences from Team Fortress 2 to League of Legends. AS you can see from the trailer, the game oozes Spaghetti Western atmosphere and looks really quite fun. One for the wishlist, I think.

It’s been nine months of hard work since our original PS4 Secret Ponchos launch and at long last we are pleased to announce the new, massively expanded edition: Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted. This new version will have over twice the amount of content of the original, including: new outlaws, new modes, new maps and more.

Secret Ponchos Most Wanted Edition will add:

  • 4 deadly new Outlaws (for a total of 10 with more to come post launch), including:
    • The Wolf
    • Warmonger
    • Gunman
    • Mad Trapper
  • 2 New Maps
  • New 3v3 Game Mode: Posse Leader
  • Single Player Arcade Mode
  • New Achievement and Reward System
  • AI Integration
  • And much more

Secret Ponchos: Most Wanted is expected on PC 29 September 2015 on Steam or the Humble Bundle Store.


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