Out now: Mike Bithell’s Volume

Some games just resonate with the audience, becoming classics almost overnight and catapulting their creators to fame before they know what’s happening. This was definitely the case with Mike Bithell and his unassuming indie title Thomas was Alone. Now, nearly three years later and a lot of hard work, Mike Bithell Games are back with a brand new game, a retelling the legend of Robin Hood for the modern age, out now on Playstation 4, OS X and Windows

Volume is a near-future retelling of the Robin Hood legend, starring Danny Wallace (Thomas Was Alone), Charlie McDonnell and award-winning, critically-acclaimed actor Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes) as Gisborne.

Volume is out now on Steam for Mac and Windows, as well as PlayStation 4. The PlayStation Vita version is on its way soon!


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