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Now playing is a series talking about games currently getting playtime at Press to Jump Towers. It can be anything from an epic high definition role-playing game, to a freeware download, all the way to a classic we’re playing through again. We might not do game reviews at Press to Jump, but we can certainly talk about what’s keeping us occupied! This time: Hook, a simple but addictive mobile puzzle game.

Queues at the coffee shop, waiting for your turn at the doctor’s, on the loo. You’ve got so many options to fill in that spare time, from Reddit to Facebook or BBC News. But why not have some fun? That’s what mobile devices were made for! And so, I grabbed Hook from the Play Store on my ageing Nexus 4, possibly (and ironically) seeing it on Reddit or Facebook.

It’s not the longest game in the world: you can breeze through the first 20 or so of the 51 levels in about 20 minutes, but it does a brilliant job of introducing not only the game, but new challenges as they’re added. Hook is beautifully minimal, with soothing sounds, elegant interface and visuals clearly inspired by circuit diagrams used in electronics. Just look at this trailer to get a good idea of what to expect.

Inner peace

The game is simple: tap the black dots to wind the connected wires in. But the wires overlap sometimes, causing a hook which catches, causing you to restart the level. The game introduces new concepts, like switches to change which wires connect to which, or buttons that pull in multiple wires, making each proceeding level ever more complicated. It never seems to get overly frustrating, though, making it a sort of zen-like experience, where victory gives you a little rush of satisfaction without ever reaching the level of fist-pump self-congratulations. Like I said… perfect for the coffee shop queue.

Grab Hook for Android (Google Play, currently £0.09), iOS (£0.79) and Windows Phone ($0.99), or follow them on Steam Greenlight for their upcoming desktop version!

What are your favourite games when you’ve got a few minutes spare?


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  • I’m enjoying this game at the moment – check out ULTRAFLOW on Android if you are looking for another fun minimal puzzler – again, not a long time in the playing but a nice experience!