Now playing:… oh god, I can’t stop

Now playing is a series talking about games currently getting playtime at Press to Jump Towers. It can be anything from an epic high definition role-playing game, to a freeware download, all the way to a classic we’re playing through again. We might not do game reviews at Press to Jump, but we can certainly talk about what’s keeping us occupied! This time:, a game you’ll regret being introduced to.

Games like Flappy Bird appear, as if out of nowhere, and suck up time of anyone that dares play it. These games are simple, addictive, and just enjoyable enough to keep you playing. Now, a new contender has appeared:, A massively multiplayer online game where you play a blob that hoovers up dots to get bigger and avoid the other players’ dots.

Eat cells smaller than you and don’t get eaten by the bigger ones, as an MMO

Then I found this beautiful piece of art in my Google+ feed:

What games have you been playing lately?


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