Kickstarter star Mighty No. 9 out in September


Comcept, the team behind the spiritual successor to Mega Man (and incidentally, one of his creators, Keiji Inafune) Mighty No. 9, have finally announced the release date for their game: mid-September (well, 15th in the US and 18th in the rest of the world). The pseudo-2D platform game comes with extra “Abandoned Lab Stage” DLC and has both a digital and retail version. Both are a pretty good bargain at £14.99 and £24.99 respectively.

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If you cast your mind back 18 months or so, you’ll remember the storm Mighty No. 9 caused quite a stir of excitement when it was formally launched as a Kickstarter campaign by Japanese games industry legend Keiji Inafune. Since then, the game raised $3,845,170, over 420% of the original $900,000 goal. Since then, the campaign offered over 15 stretch goals, expanding the game massively.

Check out some recent(ish) footage of the game, taken at PAX 2014. The game clearly retains the spirit of the Mega Man series, and hopefully some of the challenge.

Mighty No. 9 is due out 15 September in the US, and 18 September in the rest of the world both retail ($29.99/€29.99/£24.99) and digital ($19.99/€19.99/£14.99).


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