Ill Gotten Gains: GTA V editor contest winners

While PC players might have had to wait a bit longer for their turn to play Grand Theft Auto V, the wait was almost certainly worth it thanks to the brilliant extra content like the Rockstar Editor. The powerful GTA V in-game video editor lets you use almost any aspect of the game to create machinima shorts. It’s just one of the many reasons why open world sandbox games like the GTA series are so great: you make your own rules, your own play and your own fun.

Show us how you’ve been spending your ill-gotten cash and win big.

To celebrate the Rockstar Editor and their latest DLC, Ill Gotten Gains, R* put out a contest for fans to show off their wealth using the latest DLC’s new vehicles, clothes and guns. The winner could grab a special edition gaming keyboard and mouse, along with the GTA V swag and a Rockstar Warehouse gift card. Here is the winning entry, titles “What Ill-Gotten-Gains is all about”, along with two great runners-up.



Runners up

The GTA V Rockstar Editor is out soon for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is already available for the the PC version.


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