GTA V has a thriving car modding community


When a game has as much breadth as the sandbox that is the Grand Theft Auto series does, people create their own fun. Since the launch of GTA V, your character’s smartphone has access to the Snapmatic app for taking in-game photos and selfies. Later, the introduction of GTA Online meant it’s become much easier for people to get together and enjoy anything from the sheer carnage of the free roam game to organising events and working as groups of mercenaries. The PC version even includes a video recorder and editor to create and upload your own short films.

Buying and modifying cars is such a huge part of GTA V that it was inevitable that people would come together and celebrate their little projects. There are already plenty of GTA Online crews for racing, cruising and modding, but if you want someone that everyone can gather and chatter, reddit can answer the call. There are subreddits like r/gtavcustoms and r/gtav_cruises where people can organise meets, talk about the best ideas for modding their vehicles and share their photos. And there are some great pictures… From Los Santos lifestyle scenes to photorealistic shots of cars, theses shots push the GTA V engine to its limits, showing off the detail it can achieve. You can check out a few choice shots below.

Vulcar Warrener by TriniPsycho

Ubermacht Oracle by TriniPsycho

Grotti Carbonizzare and Vapid Guardian by D-TOXX

Playing Around Before the Party Starts by pawpcap


Bliss by SMN_Design


The creativity in GTA V doesn’t stop there, though. There’s a whole group of people who devote their time to just photographing life in the city, from the people to the street art to the nightlife. It’s astounding what people will do when given free reign in a living, breathing world to explore. And it’s a testament to Rockstar’s achievement that even after you’re done with the story, there’s still so much to see and do.

My take

Running Club by Berduu

As someone that already really enjoyed the Grand Theft Auto series, I played GTA V and GTA Online as soon as they were available. It’s the sort of game where you can literally just spend an hour driving around, watching the sunset, creepily following a random pedestrian. I think Rockstar’s genius is in giving us such a little nudge in such a massively detailed world. Without too many rules, we make our own fun. Look at the success of Minecraft if you need any proof!

Your take

What do you get up to in GTA V? Have you found a game so immersive and open you’ve taken on a new role that wasn’t intended?

You can get GTA V on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it comes with GTA Online, the free multiplayer addition.


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