GRIP: Like Rollcage but more


Not too long ago, we talked about a game called Formula Fusion, a fast paced successor to the OG PlayStation classic Wipeout that’s right around the corner. Now, there’s also GRIP. If you’ll cast your mind back to early 1999, an unassuming futuristic racing game came out on PlayStation and PC called Rollcage. While the game clearly took some influence from Wipeout, it took the genre and twisted, turned and flipped it by having four wheeled vehicles that could drive up or down, or on the walls.

Grip is a futuristic combat racing game that has competitors battle across diverse landscapes of distant worlds. Inspired by the Rollcage games of 1999 and 2000, Grip takes that heady cocktail of awesome weaponry and insane speed to a whole new level.

The game features the same insane speed and mayhem as Rollcage, but with a modern twist on the visuals, which the screenshots just don’t do justice at all. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, the latest and greatest, which should push visuals up to 11. Not only will that help the game flow at a frame rate that’ll do the gameplay justice, you’ll get richer and more believable worlds to race round. And there’s plenty of worlds and courses to play.

Much like Rollcage and Wipeout, a lot of time has been spent on the soundtrack for GRIP. With music from Technical Itch, Sol Invicto, Dom & Roland, Skynet, Xtigma, Rex Mundi, No Cure for Life, Ogre Sound and Kevin Greenlee, this promises to be an electronic music album to keep you in the zone.

My take

I know it seems we’ve been covering a lot of games that revisit the past, but honestly, I think it’s great we’re seeing so many revisits of these old games. Syndicate, Wipeout, Final Fight, Mega Man, all coming out in the next few months and based on classic games, by some of the original teams.

These games straddle a realm between familiarity and eccentric gameplay. What we seem to forget is that they originally came out in a time where the hardware severely limited the capabilities and ambitions of the games. It makes sense to revisit the concepts with fresh eyes, new techniques and modern technology. Some of these games may not do that well, simply because we’ve moved on, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth doing.

Why aren’t we funding this?

As for GRIP, the the simple fact that it has split-screen four-player gameplay shows there’s a resurgence in what made 90s console gaming great: getting together with a bunch of friends, some junk food and a lot of yelling. Since the rise of online gaming, we’ve had very few games that let you play side-by-side. The enjoyment of tournaments like Evo, where players battle it out sharing the same TV shows there’s still hunger for same-screen multiplayer games. While Nintendo have continued to embrace party games and local muptiplayer such as the Mario Kart and Smash Bros series, there’s also been some inroads on PC, namely with games like Gang Beasts, bringing party playing into the modern era.

Your take

How does GRIP compare to Formula Fusion? Do you like seeing all these ‘spiritual successors’?

You can back GRIP on Kickstarter and help get it made! It’s really still too early for a release date.


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