Freebie Friday: RED AMAZON


Freebie Friday is a semi-regular news feature where we talk about a freeware, just free or open source game. It can be anything from a throwaway web game to a free-to-play RPG or mobile puzzle game. This time: 10 minute thriller RED AMAZON.


note: you can die/lose/win

another note: its not a horror game

Are games art? It’s a question that’s been asked for a long time now, and one that RED AMAZON goes a way towards answering. It’s a free game that can be finished in less than ten minutes, but in that time it tells a story that leaves you with more questions than answers. Like most clever ideas, it’s so simple in its execution it leaves you thinking about it. Everything from the minimal graphics to the intelligent sound design help tell the story.

I’m doing my best not to spoil it for you, because that’s the best way to enjoy it: with fresh eyes. If’ you’re on Mac or Windows, you need to download it and give it a go. It’s not perfect… the controls are a bit clumsy, and there’s a fair amount of scenery that you can clip through, but it doesn’t matter. It’s free and it’s brilliant!

Download RED AMAZON, free on Gamejolt for either Windows or OS X.


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