Enemy Starfighter: be the bad guy


Any self-respecting PC gamer will have played something of the Homeworld series. For those that haven’t, it’s an epic realtime strategy game that’s just had a loving remaster by Gearbox Software, the company that bought the rights at auction after publisher THQ tanked a couple of years ago. The series resonates so well because there’s more to it than one part excelling. The universe, the mythos, the consistent ship designs, radio chatter, and gameplay all come together to make an immersive, stunning game. But anyone that’s ever played it will have had the same thought: “I wish I could fly all these ships…”


Game developer Mike Tipul has clearly had the same dream, and decided to make a game about it: Enemy Starfighter, a space-fighter-sim slash basic-realtime strategy slash awesome concept. You’re not the hero of this story. You’re the head of a fleet sent to pacify the locals, the hard way. You’re the guy that usually gets taken down at the end of the game. How cool is that?

Enemy Starfighter puts you in the cockpit of the universe’s most mobile and lethal interceptor and also puts you in command of an elite fleet of Imperial warships.

You are the Harbinger Fleet, waging a guerrilla war against the enemies of the Empire.

After a bloody insurrection, traitor fleets retreated to their home systems and destroyed the gates leading back to the Empire. The hid, they regrouped, but they did not expect to be found again.

The Harbinger Fleet is the Emperor’s royal guard, and your mission is to hunt down the traitor lords and offer their home world as an example to those who would sow further rebellion.


With a mix of Homeworld, the Freespace series and any number of space games and films, there really isn’t anything like it out there. The RTS elements allow you to manage your fleet, call in reinforcements, watch a tactical view of the battlespace and bug out before you get overwhelmed. The starfighters flight model plays fast and loose with Newtonian physics, to keep gameplay fluid and easily approachable, a ‘space Halo Warthog’ as they say.


The game is on the home straight now to reach Early Access sometime in the summer. Initial release will be for Windows exclusively so as to focus resources. This will also mean Oculus Rift support should be strong, since that’s only going to be Windows as well. A blog post from earlier in the month goes into some detail as to what needs to be done, from bug squashing to finishing up some bits of the training missions, but after watching the development of this game for over two years, I’m finally going to play it!

Expect an early access release ‘this summer. Soon.’ on Windows systems, along with Oculus Rift support.

Are you anywhere near as excited as me about this game? I didn’t think so.


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