Beautiful trailer: Cold Horizon


I’m not just writing about Cold Horizon because a friend of mine is involved in the project (full disclosure!), but also because it’s a beautifully done trailer. Quite often, the announcement of a game can have as much effect on the success of a game than any other factor. that first impression counts for so much in our fickle world, that a poorly made trailer can turn people off. Conversely, it’s often difficult for a company to capture the hearts of their audience when it’s so early in the game’s development cycle that there’s not much to say. So when a beautiful trailer comes along that’s not only well directed, but has a jaw dropping art style and music, it’s hard to ignore.

When life gives you lemons, make a new game!

The first project from the team behind the ill-fated Metal Gear Solid remake (the team worked with Konami but couldn’t find a way around some copyright issues) the company changed its name from Outer Heaven Productions to Big Cake Games, creating their own brand new IP, Cold Horizon.

The northern continents of earth, many years from now.

Civilisation has retreated, leaving once hospitable areas as barren wastelands. And yet in this treacherous landscape hope is found in an old carnival polar bear, abandoned by his masters, and the young mysteriously gifted child who he must protect. This fateful partnership provides the old bear with a new purpose and sets them both off on a perilous journey. They must evade a ruthless clan of hunters who have their own agenda for the boy, all while surviving the unrelenting elements. As the bear and child form an unbreakable friendship, the boy’s true significance is revealed leaving them with only one option: they must pass the Cold Horizon.

Cold Horizon is due out later this year on Windows, OS X and Linux along with Playstation 4. Show some support by following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook, or keep an eye on their Steam Greenlight page.


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