Casually Hardcore compo: We have a winner!


We’re literally two days over a month old. We’ve made less than 90 tweets (at the time of writing) and published 40 stories. Yet we’re lucky enough to already have the opportunity to work with Casually Hardcore Clothing to bring you a competition. We might not have been inundated with entries, but with less than a month under our belt, I’m pretty happy to be in a position to be able to offer our readers the opportunity.

It’s with this in mind that we offer our sincere congratulations to heartyparty, for his trip down memory lane, which basically echoes my childhood:

System – the NES, first video game system I owned, more fun than the speccy as instantly loading games. no waiting on a crappy tape bleeping away.

The game. super Mario Brothers 3.

Myself and a friend were die hard Mario fans – deep in to SMB1 & SMB2. When SMB3 was released he got it super quick and we were then on a mission to discover its secrets – and that’s the key thing that made Mario games so special – all the secrets.

You could work out where special powers would let you reach new areas (like flying up and over the top status bar in order to bypass the ‘main’ level end to find a secret door or pipe. Nothing could beat the excitement of finding something like that and seeing what crazy new levels it would bring you.

It just felt so polished and ‘right’ compared to SMB1 & 2. We were on a mission to get together and play it constantly until it was beaten. Sleepovers, late nights (interspersed with watching Terminator and playing the NES).

First game I had a real thirst to play to the bitter end rather than casually playing it – crazy thing is I can’t even remember the end sequence! (those were the days, wend the holy grail was the game end sequence and closing credits)

That spark of excitement it brought when you could play outside the boundries of the ‘expected’ platform formula and use your imagination to progress and see where you could go was just brilliant.

Oh. That and StreetFighter2 on the SNES 🙂 Happy days!

I can’t get excited about games on the PS3/4 etc now – just seems like too many cliched FPS and Cloned racing games. I might just be old and jaded now though.

I have no doubt that we will offer many more chances for our readers to win some great stuff in the future. You’ll just have to keep reading to find out when!


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  • Thanks Dan – keep the articles coming 🙂