Ars: Youtube eyes Twitch userbase with 60fps live streaming


Google may have lost to Amazon, but it still wants in on the live-streaming gaming market. The company has announced that YouTube live streaming now supports 60 FPS 1080p and 720p video streams. This brings YouTube streaming up to parity with Twitch, but YouTube one-ups Amazon’s streaming service with HTML5 playback—Twitch still uses Flash.

Things are definitely heating up in the video game streaming world right now, and it’s about time. Personally, I’m glad to see YouTube further distancing itself from nasty nasty Adobe Flash and I’m getting more and more tempted to try out this streaming lark. I had a taste of it when a friend dropped in on me playing RUNNING WITH RIFLES after it was officially released using the very neat little Steam Broadcasting feature that was recently added. A little creepy, but very cool.

Read all about it on Ars Technica.


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